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IC Inbox

"Hello, you've reached the inbox of the Doctor. Well...this Doctor at any rate. Do please leave a message."

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(NSFW threads possible.)
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Action...ish. 131 night.

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[Hello, Doctor, it's your roommate. Well, bathroommate. Still, however tenuous the connection, Fiona takes the issue of cohabitation seriously. The Doctor may find a note taped to the sink mirror, written in magic marker:]

Fiona's Bathroom Rules

-No hard drugs.
-No self-harm.
-Knock first.
-You break it, you replace it.
-If you sweep and take out the trash, I'll clean the toilet and the tub.
-Don't do anything weird to the toilet or the tub.

I hereby agree: X______________

[And underneath the line for The Doctor to sign, there's her own signature: Fiona Gallagher.]
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i'm so on top of things lately.

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[Fiona is busy staring at the cieling and imagining all the things that are going wrong in her absence. Yeah, she knows time is stopped or whatever, but it's hard to feel like that's true when it isn't stopped here.]

[Thank fuck for a visitor to distract her. She hops up, throws on some pajama pants, and opens the door.]
Yeah? Oh, hi.
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[Fiona knows what 'drunk' looks like (and smells like!) from years of experience, but this guy seems to be pulling his own pretty well, so good for him. But he's got be drunk; he even signed his name as 'The Doctor'.]

[Also, he appears to be... not American. Fiona's never met someone from another country before; it's kind of exciting.]
Yeah, just got here a little while ago. You can just call me 'Fiona'.
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Yeah, don't worry, I got the tour. [She gives him another once-over. Her gut says 'harmless', but that might just be because he's British.] You wanna sit down before you fall over?
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[Fiona would just like an opportunity to size him up. If anyone's going to murder her in her bed, he'd have the easiest time of it, geographically speaking.] I've seen my share of drunks; don't take it personally. You're doing good. [She speaks with a fair amount of humor, despite everything.] How long you been here, uh... Doc?
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Okay, Doc. [Fiona is fairly good at reading people, but this guy is a bit off her radar. Probably because he's English. British? Whatever.] Shit, you're a regular pro. Got any tips for rookies? [While she speaks, she busies herself getting him a glass of water, and some of the saltines she has stashed in a box by the window.]
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[This information is actually helpful, and coherently given, so Fiona listens intently while handing the man his water and his crackers. She opens the window, letting the night breeze in, while she fiddles with a cigarette, not lighting it. Hmm.] Sounds like you've been through some shit.
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[Fiona can appreciate it when people don't dwell on their misfortunes. You get sad, get drunk (evidently), and you get over it. Circle of life.] Maybe. But usually it involved less paganism.
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[Fiona can also appreciate emotional issues.]

One threatened to rip off my head. Disappointingly old testament. [She laughs, and continues fiddling with that cigarette.] They always so... pissy?
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I dunno, I didn't exactly ask for his name and number while he was threatening to commit a felony. [But she takes note of the name, for future reference.] Sigyn and Freyr, huh? [Her pronunciation is horribly off.] You meet 'em in person, or do they mostly stick to the network?
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Oh, right, the war. [Looking forward to that, yeah.] How often does that even happen? Know any good bunkers?
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[Fiona finally lights her cigarette.] I sell paper cups for a living.
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heeeee <3

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I dunno. Wasn't really high on my list of priorities when I ended up here. What d'you got?

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