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Day 246: Eight arrives in Asgard, and is less than pleased about being trapped in one place and time, conscripted to fight a war without even a by your leave.

Day 246: Teasing Sherlock

Days 246-248: He gets struck by nightmares of the deaths of Tamsin, Alex and Lucie, and thanks to Freya's curse, other people get sucked in as well. Likewise, he gets stuck in Eleven and Rose's nightmares as well.

Day 250: Sigyn explains that the nightmares were due to Freya's grief over Freyr's death, and Eight has a little chat with Odin.

Day 251: Eight texts Theta to tell him about the plan he's made with Eleven to go outside Asgard to find Freya. In the end, Eight gets an eyeful when Theta starts giving him the rundown of his own romantic and erotic future.

Day 254: Egg hunting with Jaime.

Day 259: Rory's back! (Back from a canon update, that is.) And he and Eight have a little chat about Eleven's fashion sense.

Day 260: Jamie is struck by a curse that makes him want to cling to someone, and Thor decides to gloat.

Day 260: That night, Rose sends a drunken text, needing to be escorted home from the Roadhouse.

Day 264: A house cooking contest!

Day 268: Eleven has been cursed with going through the personality of each of his ten former selves, and Eight is mortified that he has the coat. Later, he bumps into Six!Eleven on the street.

Days 269-270: Traveling and shopping in Utgard. Talking with Eleven with his own personality is slightly odd, but pleasant. Plus, enjoying a chat with Mel.

Day 271: A spy is found, and Eight is livid at the idea of executing the fellow.

Day 276: Six arrives in Asgard, which means "that coat" gets to stay for good.

Day 277: The Doctors and their companions head out to look for Freya while the other Travelers go to Thrymheim to retrieve Freyr's soul.

Day 278-280: At night, they arrive in Niflheim, but Hel meets up with them and tells them that Freya is not there. They then travel north.

Day 280: Finally, they find Freya.

Day 281: In the early morning, just barely on Day 281, ice giants ambush their camp, killing Rose.

Day 282: After they arrive back in Asgard, grief-stricken, the other Travelers return to the city, bringing a battle with them. Eleven is killed saving Jamie's life. Eight and Nine have a moment.

Day 283: When the battle is over, Eight trudges through the aftermath and finds Amy, giving her the news about Eleven's death. He then stumbles off to curl up and grieve on his own, but is found by Six.

Day 283: That night, everyone gathers at the Roadhouse for a LOT of drunken shenanigans. In the middle of the party, the TARDIS returns and announces herself on the network.

Day 284: Eight gets the rude reminder that he's in a human body in Asgard.

Day 284 or 285: Eleven returns from the land of the dead and opens his mouth in his usual unthinking manner. Eight is angry enough to punch him in the face.

Day 285: Rue and her mockingjays give a concert and then... somehow it turns into a pissing match between the Doctors about their sex lives. Nobody understands how it exactly happened.

Day 287: Rose finally returns. Everyone is relieved.

Day 288: Eleven calls a meeting of the Doctors, and their TARDIS.

Day 290: A festival to celebrate their win in the recent battle begins. That evening, an earthquake hits and people just start appearing everywhere. The TARDIS finds Charley and sends Eight a message that the girl he loved and lost is in Asgard. Eight runs to find her, and is determined to waste no time in making the most of Charley being there. They eventually claim a tent in the Arena and talk long into the night.

Day 291 or 292: The gem in Charley's bracelet changes color, indicating that she's staying for good. Ten pops in to say hello and again the Doctors start arguing about their sex lives, now that the perpetrator of the Virgin Queen deflowering has shown his face.

Day 291 or 292: (So much going on, who the hell knows which day anymore.) Eight finds out he'll be a father in his future, thanks to Jenny's temporary appearance during the festival. This is a bittersweet notion after his great-grandson's death.

Day 297: The water supply in Asgard has been poisoned, making a lot of people sick. A sick TARDIS asks if all her people are okay.

Day 298: Heimdall informs everyone about the poisoning.

Day 300: Euri has a fit about the spy destroying her business to poison people, and she and Eight have a talk about the fact that he argued to spare the man's life.

Day 303 and 304: Thiazi strikes Asgard, covering the Castle with ice that quickly spreads over the city. In a moment of supreme boneheadedness, Eight gets caught up in the ice and freezes/suffocates to death when he's encased in ice.

Day 305-307(?): Eight has a talk with a young lady while trapped in the frozen over castle after waking up from death.

Day 308: Eight contacts everyone over the network to say he's back from the dead.

Day 308: Various misfired texts to and from Eight, thanks to the broken network.

Day 308: Ramen with Naruto!

Day 308: Nine has found that Rose has gone home, and is NOT pleased.

Day 308: Something from Six's past comes to light in a "tell all magazine" thing as a prank by Jack Frost and others.

Day 311: Buffy comes back from dreaming.

Day 312: Reapers from Euri's home appear in Asgard.

Day 313: Charley has disappeared, and Eight is naturally broken-hearted about it.

Day 313: When Eight returns home to the Welcome Hall, he finds a note from his new suitemate about rules for the bathroom.

Day 315: Cordelia has a question about people appearing here from people's past.

Day 317: Six is having a kitten problem.

Day 319: Housewarming party at the Who cast house.

Day 319: Eight meets a lost little girl named Clementine and helps her get to Sigyn Hall.

Day 319: Meeting Ten.

Day 320: Theta's back!

Day 320: Meeting Jack.

Day 321: Eleven introduces everyone to Ril.

Day 322: Eight eats the Fruit of Knowledge and finds out about his part in ending the Time War.

Day 322: Rose is back!

Day 323: Kirigiri Kyouko asks about the apples.

Day 326: Eridan runs his mouth off about killing people.

Day 327: Chatting with Fiona about time travel and other random things.

Day 328: Rose attacks Eight.

Day 330: Thiazi's control takes over fully, but Eight struggles long enough to send a warning.

Day 330: Eight, fully controlled by Thiazi, has taken to scrawling the Zagreus poem in Gallifreyan on walls on his way to his next murder.

Day 331: Buffy spares Rose the pain of having to take Eight down by doing it herself.

Day 333: Thanking Buffy for stopping him.

Day 333: Apologizing to Natasha for killing her.

Day 333: Eight contacts Rose and she asks him to come over. Emotions fly around, a small argument happens, and then suddenly...other things happen. (NSFW)

Day 334: People start returning from Vanaheim. He has a talk with Pyro, the TARDIS and Clementine. He sends a letter to Alice to thank her for the gifts she brought, and she insists on seeing him in person.

Day 334: Eight returns and finds Ril, who is utterly devastated that Six had also been corrupted and had died.

Day 335: Six sends Eight a very awkward message.

Day 335: Alice tries to help, and Moran is a little usual. Eight swoops in all protectively and stuff.

Day 337: New arrivals! Including Turlough, Clara and...the Doctor's brother, Braxiatel.

Day 338-340: Eight at the Festival.

Day 338: Rose calls Eight to heal Danielle's back.

Day 342: Eight at the Masquerade Ball. Yes, Awkward Penguin turns into Sad Panda walking home in the rain while the others dance the night away. (Or he tries to at least.)

Day 344: Poor little Mordred doesn't understand the point of the costumes.

Day 344: Charley returns! Eight is so ecstatic.

Day 345-348: Eight at the hippie village. Talking to Clementine, Brax, and Rory.