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The Eighth Doctor ([personal profile] beforethewar) wrote2013-10-09 05:44 pm

Samhain Letters

Letters written to the departed (whether deceased or simply gone from Asgard) for the Samhain observance that was set up by Merlin on Day 340.


I wish I could take back everything I did wrong after your Auntie Pat died. If Haygoth and I hadn't lied to you to protect your feelings, you would have never left me and would have been safe. You wouldn't have been on Earth when the Daleks invaded, and you would probably be alive today.

I wish I could, but I can't. The one comfort I have is that you died a hero, saving your planet in a way I was unable to. You were a brave woman, and the kind of devoted friend I'm not sure I'll ever have again.

Thank you for everything, Lucie. This old ponce wouldn't have been the same without you.

~The Doctor


Forgive this old man. I promised your mother I'd come back, and I really should have earlier. I wasn't there when you were born, and I didn't visit to see you grow and learn about the world. That is something I will always regret. Rather pathetic of me that it takes your death to make me see that.

Your mother spoke of you with such pride and love. And you know what? She was right. I had no business offering to take you to be educated on Gallifrey. You may have been of my blood, but your home was Earth. It wasn't fair to me to expect your intellectual interests to follow my own. You would have been a brilliant architect, my boy. I still would have bequeathed the TARDIS to you, had you outlived me. She was rather fond of you, and I couldn't bear to think of her alone after I'm gone.

I promise, I'll find time to go back to check on your mother when I finally find my way out of Asgard and see how she's holding up.

I'm proud of you, Alexander David Campbell. Always will be.



I'm torn. I want you here with me again, but at the same time I'm glad you didn't have to watch what happened in these last few weeks. And yet, right about now I think I need you the most.

I think when you were here in Asgard, even if it was only for a little while, were the best weeks of my lives. I finally had the chance to make up for all the mistakes I'd made with you in our relationship, without any worry of interfering with Time at all. I could tell you everything on my mind and in my heart, and while it wouldn't matter when we left, it mattered right then. I could stop being "the Doctor" for everyone and just be a man. Maybe one day you'll return and we can have that all over again.

And as I told you when you arrived, I always meant what I said to you back then. I love you. I gave up my life to protect you and would do so again, every single time. I hope that wherever you ended up after you walked out, you were happy. You once said you wanted to be a mother one day, even if you'd accepted that you may never be. I hope you got that chance, Charley. I hope you have everything I couldn't give you.

With love,
~The Doctor