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Audio Clips (audio canon spoilers)

Clip #1: "Of course I loved you!" (Scherzo)
Background: It's a long, long story. When the Doctor saved Charlotte "Charley" Pollard from a painful burning death in the R101 airship disaster, he messed with Time. Her existence when she should be dead was a rip in the Web of Time that eventually ended up with this universe being threatened with being destroyed through an infection of Anti-Time. The "Neverpeople" gave the Doctor an option to end it: kill Charley. He refused, saying he loved her and couldn't just shoot her, no matter what the consequences were. Instead, to save the universe, he chose to land his TARDIS around the casket containing the Anti-Time bomb, infecting himself and his ship for a while. This drove him mad for a short time and turned him into the Gallifreyan boogeyman, Zagreus. In the end, Zagreus was held in check, but only just. If he was left to his own devices, Zagreus could get control again and destroy the universe.

To save the universe from himself and what he held within him, he traveled into the Divergent Universe where the Anti-Time came from. With no time in the new universe, the Doctor's sense of Time was essentially gone, leaving him disoriented, frightened and alone...or so he thought. Thought to be safe in their universe, Charley had instead stowed away in the TARDIS to be with the Doctor. And thus, bitterness, anger and unthinking words ensued.

Clip #2: "I love Charley." (Scherzo)
Background: Just another short clip from the same story of the Doctor admitting to being in love with someone, this time with quite a bit more calm reflection on the matter. He doesn't know what to do with his feelings or how to handle them, but he doesn't hide from them.

Clip #3: "Dear Doctor..." (The Girl Who Never Was)
Backstory: This one is very wibbly wobbly, timey wimey. Just before this story, a fellow companion named C'Rizz ended up dying right in front of them. Charley was devastated, but the Doctor was resigned, and ended up asking her where she wanted to go next once they got back into the TARDIS. Appalled by his seemingly uncaring reaction to a companion's death, Charley decided that it was time they parted ways. Meaning to take her back to Singapore on New Year's Eve, 1930 as he promised a long time ago, the Doctor ended up accidentally taking her to Singapore just as the clock struck midnight on New Year's Day, 2008. While the Doctor tried to figure out what was going on, Charley went to the Sinapore Hilton to leave him a letter, intending to just ditch him. Instead they end up together in one last adventure where they end up on the same battleship in 2008 and 1942.

The Doctor ends up getting controlled by a man who was half-converted by the Cybermen. When he pulls the plug, she thinks he's dead, but he's actually in a self-induced coma. Things happen and Charley ends up being left on the ship with the TARDIS heading back to 2008. The mind control ended up wiping the Doctor's memory of everything that had happened, so when he goes to find where Charley had gone off to, he is given the letter Charley wrote before the whole mess started, making him think that she'd simply walked off. And thus, they part ways.

Clip #4: "LUCIE BLEEDIN' MILLER!" (To the Death)
Background: To make an analogy for those who are familiar with New Who... where Charley was Eight's Rose, Lucie Miller was his Donna. The absolute best friend who would keep him in line and give him an earful if she thought he was doing something wrong, and who would share his life with him without the complication of her falling in love. And day she left him. He had lied to her to protect her feelings, but finding out the truth hurt too much for her to stay with him anymore. They met up one more time, and she even spent Christmas with him, where she met the Doctor's granddaughter Susan and his great-grandson Alex, but she still wouldn't travel with him again. Instead, she chose to go traveling around Earth with Alex.

Then, the Daleks invaded again, releasing a virus that killed many on Earth and nearly killed Lucie. (She ended up being blinded in one eye and requiring the use of leg braces to walk.) Lucie tried to contact the Doctor for help, using an item he gave her for such a purpose, but he arrived way, way too late. The Earth had been taken over, and the only thing to do was to rebel and fight them off.

This story, I believe, did a lot to push the Eighth Doctor towards being the kind of man who would fight, and end, the Time War.

Clip #5: The jumping off point (Dark Eyes)
Background: I'm just adding this ending scene of "Dark Eyes" to show the mindset of Eight at the point when I'd be bringing him in to whatever RP I end up in. He's...mostly fine. To have a companion (albeit a temporary one), who can bring herself to gladly return to WWI because that's where she feels she belongs seems to have a calming effect on him. The fact that this latest companion departure isn't fraught with heartbreak also helps.