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IC Inbox

"Hello, you've reached the inbox of the Doctor. Well...this Doctor at any rate. Do please leave a message."

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[Action] I told you I was going to do this

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[By the time Six feels more or less human again, he's got just one thing on his mind... well, a couple, but this one has to be taken care of first. So he'll track Eight down, and hope that the man is alone when he finds him.

Whether he is or isn't, the first words out of his mouth are the same.]

Ah, there you are. We need to talk.

...privately, if possible.
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[He's never been over here before; good thing he thought to ask one of the companions where Eight might be.]


[It comes out a little short, though he doesn't mean it that way. He's still feeling rather out of sorts... though better than he was this morning, at least.

And he'll trail after his older self without saying much more, choosing instead to take in the look of the hall. It doesn't seem terribly different from the hall he stays at, though what colors there are tend more toward greens than aquas. Interesting.]
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[Duly noted. He'll make sure to come visit Mel later, at the very least.

And he'll ignore the mess; this is hardly the time to make comments that might annoy Eight, and anyway his own room may become equally messy if he actually starts spending more time sleeping there.]

Mmm... yes.

[After a moment's consideration, he decides to remain standing. At least for now. He wishes he had a coat to grab the lapels of, but he does tuck his hands into the pockets of his borrowed pants. It's something, anyway.]

After thinking it over, it occurred to me that you may have told me a few things last night. It further occurred to me that I may have reacted to those things in a rather... churlish manner.

[Pause, and he shifts his weight a little from foot to foot.]

Did... erm. Did anything like that happen?
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Well for one thing, I was trying to apologize!

[He hmphs slightly.]

So, yes. Sorry, first off; secondly, I wanted to confirm that it actually did happen. [Since, you know, fuzziness due to alcohol is a thing.]

And... erm. I suppose that's it, really.

...unless I missed something important aside from that?
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[Now that that awkward moment is out of the way, Six will take that offered chair. Still feeling a bit wobbly... he is never getting that drunk ever again.]

...then I'm rather glad I had enough sense not to do that. My head was quite sore enough as it was.

[He'll just quietly tuck the small clue Eight gave him away in the back of his mind. So he falls in love more than once...? He'd thought he'd long since sworn off doing that, it never seems to end well.]

Hmmm, I'll bear that in mind.

[And now... he has a lot to think about.]

Though really... it's just too bad I had to find out about it last night. Talk about rotten timing.

[Because any other time he would have reacted better. Probably.]
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I haven't really had time to observe them together. I've only spoken to Rose properly once so far, you realize.

[He only arrived just before they went on that trip, and... ok, in retrospect... yeah, it was pretty obvious. The way Nine acted after Rose died... he sighs.]

I never said it was! You just... took me off-guard, that's all.

[He really doesn't need to remind you that he was drunk, does he? But he doesn't have a better excuse than that for how much he's missed around here. Even considering how much has happened since he arrived...]
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[personal profile] goesagainst_thegrain 2013-06-22 03:42 pm (UTC)(link) long as they're happy, I'm hardly going to get in their way.

[They were clearly willing to live with the consequences of what they were doing. He hadn't the right to interfere, or even say anything about it; he hardly knew their history, or anything about what made himself fall for her. Best to just let it be.]

Oh really? [He raises his eyebrows a little.] Are they that... demonstrative?

[...don't worry, though, the first signs of PDAs and he'll be fleeing for the nearest door.]
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[Well, when you put it like that... Six shifts in his chair, uncomfortably.]

Er... hem! Ah, yes, well, I rather meant before... that. Happened. [Tip-toeing around actually saying the words 'died' or 'death'.] Anyway, I quite take your point. Yes.
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...oh yeah, in case you were wondering he's still missing his coat

[personal profile] goesagainst_thegrain 2013-06-26 03:55 am (UTC)(link), I suppose not.

[Six clears his throat.]

I was trying to give them a little privacy. So not really, though I caught that they are... close. [Very close. And then there had been giants to fight, and he was a little too busy feeling upset about a number of things to really think about it too deeply.]
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It's not garish; you sound like Peri. [His defense of the coat is automatic, and he's scowling faintly now.] A giant took exception to it, as it happens. I plan to ask Eleven for it back, whenever he returns.

[Yeah, he heard that Eleven has a copy(?) of his coat. Blame Jamie, if you must.]
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Hmm, perhaps a little. [He was pretty sure she'd called it 'garish' on more than one occasion, though.]

Good! Good... [Not that he doubted Jamie, but it was always nice to confirm a story.] Well, then. That's something to look forward to, anyway.
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[Shush, his memory is perfect so he naturally assumes all his other selves have perfect memories, too.

He'll sniff at that a bit, but let it pass.]

Things like this generally do get worse before they get better. [And there's a gloomy thought.] I really hope it's that, not the other thing. Wars without end, never a good thing.

[To say the least.]