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IC Inbox

"Hello, you've reached the inbox of the Doctor. Well...this Doctor at any rate. Do please leave a message."

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(NSFW threads possible.)
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you're the doctor yes ? but not one i know from home right? why? are you super young? less than 9000?
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well i met you when you were 900. told me so. you dont look 900 so thats good. i guess you were from before then. you regenerated into the you i met first? is that how it works? yeah, thats how it works.
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Re: text;

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yeah i met your 9th! 9th face. and your tenth. and i guess your 11th. but i met him here. you. him?

no he doesn't look old. he looks older. than you. or the tenth or the 11th. but not 900. nice older. i think you start aging backwards after him. or it looks like it.
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[Yeah, so she hasn't done much talking to him. But she likes to stalk. Especially when she's trying to not panic over the fact that mister Knight in Shining Security Blanket isn't around. Or hadn't been. And stuff. B.S. reasons, mostly.]

he kind of looks like a tall 12 year old. sorry about that being your future.

a dream? why were you in my dream?

[Except. Hm. She does kind of remember it.]

dean is going to bed. do you know where the roadhouse is? what house are you in? do you wanna get coffee? is coffee open? i dunno, it might be. wanna get some?
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oh the nightmares. i only kind of remember those. not so much mine. ........ i think i saw elevens too.

coffee or tea or both. more used to coffee now cause of torchwood hours. terrible hours.

and you should know that saying that makes me want to wander off on principle. except im not sure thats a good idea in my crrent state. so lucky for you.
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Text and Action

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hmmm. good point. i will do my best.

[And she does well enough. Dean's staying up- or around, just long enough to see her off. She's not quite drunk enough to not stand, but definitely getting there. Drunk enough to sleep soon. And to be fair, he knows a lot more about her future with Theta than she does. Which is saying something.]

Hello, Doctor.

[She really must inspect him when she's sober, at some point. Right now, it's done just so blatantly. Reaching up to touch the hair and oh, well. He had blue eyes, still. Was it really just the Tenth face that didn't?]

So cuppas. Dunno where we could get 'em.
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[Oh, well she likes that. The elbow offer and the not shutting down, actually. It's been frustrating enough with how Eleven seems to live by such a code. Had he been the one to come get her, she might have gotten a bit peeved with him.]

I can walk. No problem. [She repeats the words in a terrible American accent, just to amuse herself. She'd been hanging out with Dean for three hours, after all. Might explain the hint of southern drawl, as well.]

Tea sounds better than coffee. My mum made an excellent cuppa... Oh, you hated her at first. Or you will.

[She's all tongue and cheek smiles now. Miss her mum as she may, it's more fun to dwell on the less-depressing thoughts right now. And Eight is ... A brand new Doctor to inspect. To gauge reactions from.]
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[Hey, no, she's still taking that proffered elbow of his. She'd just been stating a fact, that's all.]

Y'both sort've grew on each other I think. T'be fair, you didn't make much of a great first impression. Thought you'd had me gone for twelve hours, when I'd ended up missin' for twelve months. They thought Mickey'd killed me!

[An odd topic to be laughing about, but hey. She's drunk. And in hindsight, it was pretty funny.]
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[She's just chuckling away at his admittance. Now, if she only get to hear that from one of his more current incarnations. That would be a treat.]

Mickey? Ex-boyfriend. Or jus' boyfriend at th'time. Called him Rickey, just t'bug him. ...Which was weird, since we met a parallel him called Rickey.

He was gay though. An' I didn't exist there. Maybe he'd've been gay if I hadn't. Dunno.
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[She seems half as focused on where they're walking- or where her feet are going, and looking back up to inspect this reverse-new Doctor. He's quite different than the others. Very different. But not in a bad way.]

Hm? [She clears her throat a bit, more out of necessity than avoiding the question.] Can't sleep well, past few days. Dean-o back there suggested I try drinkin'. 'Lot of medicines don't work much on me anymore thanks t'Torchwood. An' I haven't drank in ages, so I figured it'd knock me out pretty quick. Truth'll out when I get t'bed.

[Not that it really answers his question. Well, it kind of does.]
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[Even just the mention of tea brings her humming in delight. It really does sound much better than coffee. Even to her drunk addled mind.]

Mm.. Dunno. Few months, I think. Time's funny here. No calendar I recognize. Definitely been ages, though. Feels like months.

[Which... sort of brings melancholy thoughts to mind.]