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IC Inbox

"Hello, you've reached the inbox of the Doctor. Well...this Doctor at any rate. Do please leave a message."

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(NSFW threads possible.)
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[Voice] Sometime on 335, probably

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[The first sound is him clearing his throat, lightly and definitely nervously.]

I take it you... made it back alright. [It's weird to treat it like they were on holiday or something, but it's easier than spelling out the truth, saying it aloud.] I don't know if Eleven told you that I am back as well, but I... am. Clearly.

[Awkward pause. If he was on video he'd be looking away and sticking his hands in his pockets right about now.] ...ahem. I was wondering if... well... we both were... affected, and maybe...

[This is hard and what is he even doing here. He lets out a low groan of frustration.]

Oh, never mind!

[...and hangs up.]
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[Well now he's a bit worried that Eleven didn't tell anyone and he'll come back to a very angry ship, but... well, he deserves it anyway, so that's alright.]

She found me, actually. The moment I was thrown out of the castle, last night. [His voice takes on a bit of wry amusement, tinged very faintly with embarrassment.] You, ah... don't have to worry about that, I'm staying with her at present.

[And yes, that means most things that implies. Her room, her bed...]
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[His voice loses that faint hint of amusement.]

Yes, she mentioned that, briefly. I'm... sorry you had to be the one to tell her. [That she had to be told at all, really.]

You needn't worry about that, either. She's rather taken it upon herself to be as close to me as possible. [And he doesn't sound upset about that in the slightest. Though he'll avoid acknowledging the second part of that sentence; everybody leaves eventually, but he doesn't want to talk about it now.]
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[As little as he feels like he deserves it, he's very grateful for it.]

She referred to me as an 'anchor' once. I suppose there are worse things I could be.
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[If he'd been drinking tea, he would have sputtered.]

Th-that's--! [Kind of sort of actually Eight's business. Hmm.] W-well, it's not as though I've forgotten what it's like, or... anything else! [Tiny pause.] Anyway. Nothing... happened.

[He may be slightly confused about just what Eight is getting at there. Perhaps because it kind of almost did.]
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['s more than a little strange to be on the receiving end of one of his little speeches, but Eight seems to have something on his mind so he'll let him get to the end of it.]

Hmph. As if I didn't know we're not physically Time Lords anymore.

[Forgive him his somewhat truculent tone, it's been a trying few weeks. And he's not really angry. It's gone when he speaks again, replaced by something a bit more neutral.]

I don't run away. [He retreats, when necessary, in an orderly fashion.] any case, as I've said, I don't think she's going to let me. And... I don't particularly want to, to be quite honest.

[He might have no idea what he's doing and it might be kind of hellishly terrifying, but... she made last night easier. She seems to make everything just a little bit brighter. He can't let that go, no matter how frightening not knowing what he's doing might be.]
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[He's not going to ask who Eight was... involved with. In many ways, he doesn't really want to know; his personal love life was enough to deal with without getting nosy about anyone else's.'s beneath his dignity to acknowledge that Eight may just be right about the running away thing.]


Thank you for not being difficult about this, I suppose.

[Unlike Eleven, who's acting like Six is doing this on purpose.]