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IC Inbox

"Hello, you've reached the inbox of the Doctor. Well...this Doctor at any rate. Do please leave a message."

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(NSFW threads possible.)
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[Oh, well she likes that. The elbow offer and the not shutting down, actually. It's been frustrating enough with how Eleven seems to live by such a code. Had he been the one to come get her, she might have gotten a bit peeved with him.]

I can walk. No problem. [She repeats the words in a terrible American accent, just to amuse herself. She'd been hanging out with Dean for three hours, after all. Might explain the hint of southern drawl, as well.]

Tea sounds better than coffee. My mum made an excellent cuppa... Oh, you hated her at first. Or you will.

[She's all tongue and cheek smiles now. Miss her mum as she may, it's more fun to dwell on the less-depressing thoughts right now. And Eight is ... A brand new Doctor to inspect. To gauge reactions from.]
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[Hey, no, she's still taking that proffered elbow of his. She'd just been stating a fact, that's all.]

Y'both sort've grew on each other I think. T'be fair, you didn't make much of a great first impression. Thought you'd had me gone for twelve hours, when I'd ended up missin' for twelve months. They thought Mickey'd killed me!

[An odd topic to be laughing about, but hey. She's drunk. And in hindsight, it was pretty funny.]
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[She's just chuckling away at his admittance. Now, if she only get to hear that from one of his more current incarnations. That would be a treat.]

Mickey? Ex-boyfriend. Or jus' boyfriend at th'time. Called him Rickey, just t'bug him. ...Which was weird, since we met a parallel him called Rickey.

He was gay though. An' I didn't exist there. Maybe he'd've been gay if I hadn't. Dunno.
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[She seems half as focused on where they're walking- or where her feet are going, and looking back up to inspect this reverse-new Doctor. He's quite different than the others. Very different. But not in a bad way.]

Hm? [She clears her throat a bit, more out of necessity than avoiding the question.] Can't sleep well, past few days. Dean-o back there suggested I try drinkin'. 'Lot of medicines don't work much on me anymore thanks t'Torchwood. An' I haven't drank in ages, so I figured it'd knock me out pretty quick. Truth'll out when I get t'bed.

[Not that it really answers his question. Well, it kind of does.]
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[Even just the mention of tea brings her humming in delight. It really does sound much better than coffee. Even to her drunk addled mind.]

Mm.. Dunno. Few months, I think. Time's funny here. No calendar I recognize. Definitely been ages, though. Feels like months.

[Which... sort of brings melancholy thoughts to mind.]