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IC Inbox

"Hello, you've reached the inbox of the Doctor. Well...this Doctor at any rate. Do please leave a message."

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(NSFW threads possible.)
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It's not WPP. It's her.

You should come collect her. Quickly.

[Preferably before they get into a fight. The TARDIS would prefer to be in her presence as little as possible. She sends coordinates.]

[No names - no nicknames. Charley has always been her, she, you.]
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[Nice. There's no way that's going to happen. Not until the TARDIS has time to collect herself from this unexpected reunion. She makes no promises on being slightly civil either.]

I won't find the nearest gate and push her out of it.
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[She'll do her best but seeing her not only brings up terrible memories and emotions - but having Eight here makes it worse.]

It's not your fault.

[Not Charley's fault either but when has that ever stopped her from taking it out on the woman? At least she can direct her feelings at the gods.]
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I can certainly blame someone for this.

[Because honestly, she might need to otherwise all the blame might fall on Charley unintentionally and that is not a good thing. So she'll blame the gods - she's never liked them anyway.]

And I'm not hurt.

[Might be a bit of a lie. She never lies to the Doctor. Except when it involves her own feelings sometimes.]
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[Might as well. They're generally the ones responsible for bringing people here anyway.]

It was a long time ago for me. Over seven thousand years. I'm not that hurt.

[Definitely better now than they were back then. It's more the fear of being hurt again.]

I was surprised by her presence.
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I'm always alright. [Which has become code for really not alright but she'll go find Eleven and take comfort in him while Eight deals with his stray.]

I won't lie, I would have preferred to see other familiar faces. More of you is always fun.
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[She'll tell him. Just not right now. She doesn't want to ruin his happy reunion. All of the Doctors except him have one of their companions. Now he does.]

I don't get to talk to you often. And certainly not like this. [Not when they're both warm, squishy and sane.] You probably give the same look to Six.
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Exactly. The younger you are, the more you get your other selves giving you that look.

Meanwhile, I get to give you and everyone else that look. And not just your other faces but everyone.
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