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The Eighth Doctor ([personal profile] beforethewar) wrote2029-12-15 08:22 pm
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How's My Driving?

I'm an old hat at RP, but I really have NO experience in DW RP, so please do give me all the constructive criticism and suggestions you like!

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Tara, Santa is completely amazed by your writing this year! You play an excellent Doctor, and your handle on him, his character, his emotions, his interactions, is beautiful to read! There is so much depth to your portrayal of your character, and it comes from your exquisite understanding of all of his canon! You bring him to life like no one else Santa has ever seen, making him that much more treasured to those familiar with your character, and someone new to love for those who are not! Santa will definitely have his eye out for everything you do for the new year, and he knows he will enjoy every single bit of it all! All you need do is continue to be as marvelous as you already are!